“I have had physical ailments for many years with lower back pain injury L1 through L5 and had a stroke four years ago affecting my whole left side. I have been in chronic pain in my lower back, and have lost strength and balance on my left side of my body.  After my first session with Danielle, it was an instant game changer! My lower back pain had relief. After a few sessions, I have noticed more strength and balance in my left side, which to me is a miracle. I will continue to use Danielle’s expertise to help me stay in a balanced state.”  – Andrew C.

I’ve been getting Alphabiotic alignments since 1991 and I absolutely love them. I also do chiropractic adjustments when needed. They all work well together. I quit going because it was hard for me to get to Dallas. When I found out that Danielle was close to Frisco, I was so excited. Danielle is excellent and so knowledgeable. When she aligns you, you feel an instant drop in tension and a very happy feeling. It’s amazing. It’s very gentle and when she’s done, you feel such a sense of peace and calmness. I also love the fact that she is into health and fitness. She knows the body well and is very knowledgeable about not only the alignment process but nutrition. Give yourself the gift of Alphabiotics! It’s very affordable and you’ll sleep like a baby!

I am grateful I crossed paths with Danielle a few months ago while she was doing alignments. I was impressed with her passion to help people and her depth of knowledge in the health and wellness field.  I’ve been getting 3 alignments a week for over 3 months.  It has been life changing!  I never realized how stressed I was until I started to get alignments.  I now feel relief in my lower back, a bit lighter in my step, and my mind is clear and more focused.  My 18 year old son who plays baseball has started alignments this week. He loves it! Marissa F.

I can’t articulate how much Alphabiotics has helped me.  My stress level was out of control as demonstrated by my right side being one inch shorter than my left.  Thanks to Danielle, I’m in balance and my stress is under control.  What a difference it has made.  Denise M

I have gone through different therapies and treatments for my shoulder aches and other sports related injuries and would only get a temporary relief . I had come to a conclusion that I will just have to leave with the aches and pains until I ran into Danielle and got my 1st session . She was very compassionate and shows how much she loves what she does and what she can do for people like me . It was surely a game and life changer for me. I was doing great with my consistent sessions and I had to stop due to family emergencies and after about 3 weeks of not being able to see her, I can already feel the difference of what Danielle and ‘Alphabiotics’ does for me and my stress and pain management. I wish I had met her and tried this therapy long time ago.  Charina T

Danielle is very knowledgeable about Alphabiotics! She puts you at ease and in complete trust in her ability. I started off at the highest stress level for the body. I have been working with Danielle through the routine she suggested. I am now very calm, and my body is at ease. My neck can move so I can look around, before Alphabiotics it hurt. I make better choices for myself as I do not have an extreme stress level. My health is better, and I don’t have the unhealthy reactions that I did before. My whole day IS much more enjoyable! No Stress!  Jennifer S.

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