Bringing balance back into the Body. I’m sure you notice one side is weak one side is tight. Alphabiotics is an alignment which is a bioenergetic technique. It’s like resetting your computer as your brain is a computer keeping all your memories, emotions, thoughts etc. in your head and never rebooting it. Well, alphabiotics is a soft reboot to the brain which instantly takes that weak side back to full power and the tight side loses 50% to 80% tension. And that’s why we say it’s like a reset to the brain. Have you even had a manual reboot from all that you have been carrying? I have you lay on my table show you one side is higher than the other then show you one side is weak and the other is tight. Then I do the alignment and I show you your weak side gets full power back and then the tight side loses 50% to 80% tension. It can sound crazy, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try it’s a matter of seconds and proves that Alphabiotics works. It’s also like flipping a light switch in your brain and you’ll experience whole brain function.

If you look at a child, they are very outgoing, bubbly, and full of life. They are born balanced, but as stress comes into their life they change. Look at a teenager they are have depression, anxiety, fear, peer pressure, etc. Now your teenager is no longer the child that you have known as stress has come into their body and mind. When we are born, we don’t have continuous thoughts in our mind. As teenagers and adults, we have all these thoughts and that is not normal. These thoughts cause your brain waves to be in overloaded. You need a reboot of your mind and body to clear these thoughts.

When you were born, you had within you a magical power. You couldn’t see it, but you could feel it. It was and is a wonderful Life energy. It empowers you with well-being, joy, and a zest for life. As you ventured out into the world you experienced many changes and challenges. You got lost in a mist of mind and matter. You became outer reactive and unbalanced. You allowed stress to drain your precious Life energy. It became more and more difficult for you to experience the well-being, joy, and zest you once had.

The way back is called Alphabiotics.

Alphabiotics is an applied philosophy, science, and art that concerns itself with life and Life energy enhancements.

Alphabiotics has to do with how life manifests itself in human beings. In a very Practical way, it’s about helping people express Life more fully.

Children and Their Genius Mentality

Children come into this world as incredible beings. They have a genius mentality. Certainly, they are linguistic geniuses. Between the ages of two and four they learn ten and twenty thousand words and put them together in sentences. If the child lives in a bilingual family, it learns each language with equal ease. At birth, the baby’s sensory system is wide open, taking in and processing enormous amounts of information.

 Therefore, in the early months, rest and sleep are so important. If the parents are loving, caring and protective, the child feels safe. The infant grows and learns to express an incredible wonder, zest, and joy for life. The child can’t wait to get up each morning to learn and experience new things. The child is constantly asking “why”.

Unfortunately, because of poor parenting, our dehumanizing educational system, the whole socialization process that’s designed to make us good little automations so we can fit into social structure, and the on-going stress of our time, few, if any, come to adulthood unscathed. We start out as princesses and princes, but our environment turns us into frogs.

Geneticists tell us that if we could only maintain, into adulthood, a fraction of the potential we had as children no telling what we could become. As for longevity, we might live to be two-hundred years of age, in perfect mental and physical health. And when our tie had come, sputter once or twice like a candle that has burning brightly for its entire existence then suddenly goes out.