By age five, our stress responses are set. We forget the joy of life and live in a fog of confusion, conflict, and emotional chaos. Stress and being out of alignment diminish our Life energy – illness and injuries become more likely.

We help people get back into alignment with Life and thus make more appropriate stress responses.

To be fully alive requires effective whole brain thinking – a combination of left-brain logic and right-brain creativity.

Alphabiotics Alignment/Unification helps us expand our potential. It allows our physical, mental, and spiritual parts to function in more balanced and harmonious ways. Learning, copied, and growing become natural responses again. Life begins to work better at every level. We use our Life energy more effectively.

Balance is Basic: We are More Than Chemical Systems!

    Human beings are made up of these chemical substances:

  • 65% water
  • 15% protein
  • 10% fats
  • 9% minerals
  • 1% carbohydrates and other organic matter

We only need to solve one major problem to solve most others! This is because most of our problems evolve from one basic cause: we respond to stress in an inappropriate way. Most of the time, we are half-alive; in a dulled-down, almost hypnotized state. The demands and dissatisfactions of our daily routines exert a negative pressure to which we often respond with resentment. Daily challenges, especially chronic stress, make our subconscious mind want to escape. When the mind is disturbed, preoccupied, and lost in a daydream, other people can impress their wills and beliefs on us. We are apt to find ourselves confused, not living our own lives, not being ourselves. It disturbs anyone to feel this way – conflict, anxiety, fear, guilt, and depression are often the results.

Guilt means we have someone influencing us to act against our own interests. Anxiety and depression indicate we are not in charge of our own destiny – someone else is. Fear comes from being gradually overcome by stress and finding it harder and harder to face life and realizing more failures. Some people resort to drugs, alcohol, tranquilizers, or tobacco to calm their emotions. They use unnatural means to try to cure their tensions and anxieties. Instead of dealing with their problems, they try to deaden their awareness of them. Of course, no amount of escapism and dreaming works.

To solve the problem, we must let our awareness work for us in a very real, balanced, and special way. A way that can stop us from overreacting to the subtle, negative stresses of life and retreating into a brain-locked dream.

Most of our problems are the result of the way we have reacted to stress in the past. List in a daydream and Life energy deficient state, we become frustrated and confused. Under the hypnotic spell of our emotions, we allow ourselves to be victimized by our own poor judgement and timing.

In this state, our life, health, and relationships deteriorate and will continue to deteriorate until we learn how to awaken from our compulsion to worry, scheme and talk negatively to ourselves. Repeated studies have shown that 95 percent of our self-talk is negative; that the average outer-reactive person thinks over three hundred negative thoughts a day.

We are constantly Life energy deficient. We become upset and find comfort and refuge in daydreaming; always list in the machinery of the mind, we cannot see the way clearly and so we keep making a mess of our lives.

Once we get back in alignment and fully access our whole brain, our conscious mind, little by little, comes out of the fantasy of the past guilt and future fear thinking. We stay more in the actual moment. We use our Life energy more effectively. We trust ourselves to handle stress calmly, to keep pressure from getting inside and destroying us. This results in a life that works better and ultimately allows us to more fully express out Greater Self.

None of the real problems of life can be solved until you know what problems you are dealing with and how it can be overcome. It takes a special kind of courage to this truth, let alone reach out for the kind of freedom which Alphabiotics Alignment offers.

Developmental Alphabiotics

The Neo-cortex

The neo-cortex is the outer eight-inch of brain tissue that overlays the surface of the two hemispheres of the mammalian brain (the cortex). There is a tremendous amount of research that has demonstrated that the integrated seventh brain is the highest level of brain function. When we are in that unified state, we are in a lower level – of brain function, we are in a condition of dichotomy, fight or flight, weakness and tension, turmoil, and chaos.

The Reptilian Brain

As stated above, we have seven brains. Each of these is to some extent independent. Apparently human evolution has been so rapid that the Wisdom within determined not to allow the brain to continually reform itself, but rather, to simply add additional layers of brain refinements. At the lower levels of brain activity, it turned fins into arms and then added the reptilian brain, which is called the limbic system. The limbic system’s job is the physical survival of the organism. In time of perceived danger, it literally takes over.

If the danger is extreme and/or continuous, the reptilian brain can hold over almost exclusively. When a person is under stress that level of brain function concerned with stress, the reptilian brain, has an enormously increased energy need. It withdraws power from other level of brain function, even from the highest level, and from other parts of the body. When we are in pain, fear, or perceive a high emotional challenge, the reptilian brain requires more energy. Also, continuous low-level stress keeps us from shutting off excessive amounts of energy to the reptilian brain. This produces a perpetual energy drain in specific areas of the body.

The Mammalian Brain

When humans evolved the mammalian brain, that higher level of brain activity was simply folded around the limbic or reptilian brain. The mammalian brain, called the cortex, gives us our sense of care and concern for others and for causes. It has intimately to do with sexual love and ferocity. The reptilian brain has no ferocity, it simply fights coldly for survival.

The Human Brain

The neo-cortex, the highest level of brain activity, is the human spiritual brain. It is nourished by love, peace, and balance. It is that part of us that is in-tune with the Infinite. It is where God-in-us resides. When we are at this level of brain activity, we are better able to tap into our greater mission, talent, and purpose.

A Fundamental Alphabiotics Principle

The following is a rule to which there is no exception: “If you can exist biochemically out of balance, with excessive tension and selective weakness, obviously, you can live better in balance, with strength and less tension.” The problem is, very few adults can even achieve much less maintain balance, strength, and an acceptable level of tension. In Alphabiotics we have checked thousands of people. Precious few have been able to achieve a truly homoeostatic state, much less maintain balance, strength, and an acceptable tension level. Yet, a person can be Alphabiotically aligned and maintain balance, strength, and acceptable tension levels for days.

Unaligned people are perpetually locked in a stress state, unbalanced, massively tense and selectively weak – shift tightly into their dominant brain hemisphere and mired in those areas of that hemisphere that have to do with negativity and readiness for battle. They are outer reactive, rather than inner actualized. Of course, by willful intent, they can move into more peaceful areas of the brain that have to do with present time consciousness and being inner actualized. They can, at least for short periods of time while their intent, focus and resolve are strong. However, this sustained effort of will requires great concentration and they soon tire of it. For short periods of time, they can look at life situations in a very detached, objective way, but as soon as their attention wanders their physical bodies pull them back into those negative and stressful areas, they have become accustomed to.

For an unaligned, it’s a less than fully alive state that they mistakenly think is normal. They have a false sense of what is natural. For the Alphabiotically aligned, they maintain homeostasis effortlessly and know, first hand, what a normal and natural really mean.

Alphabiotics Balance is a Choice

If you choose to Alphabiotically come back into balance and maintain that balance, you are headed in the right direction. However, you must also:

  • Choose to do those things that are necessary for physical and mental survival.
  • Live sensibly.
  • Have optimal nutrition, pure water and fresh air.
  • Avoid toxic chemicals.
  • Get a proper amount of movement and exercise.
  • Have sufficient time for rest and recuperation.
  • Choose to have an uplifting, life-enhancing mental attitude.

If you want high level wellness, you must do all these things in an optimal way. Geneticists tell us that the human body is designed to last for well over a hundred years, if only we could maintain the genetic potential we had at birth. Unfortunately, we maintain only a fraction of that potential. It’s worth repeating – Life should be like a candle, burning brightly at the beginning and brightly throughout its entire length, then flickering once or twice and quietly going out.