Hello my name is Danielle I’m an energy healer. I am specialize in working with the whole body. I am a certified Developmental Alphabioticist and an Emotional, Body and Belief Code Practitioner. I am into body building and love helping people.

Alphabiotics is a physical, hands on reboot as your brain is a computer. It is a stress relief and recovery system that is vitalistic in nature, which is a bioenergetic technique.


Emotional, Body and Belief Code Practitioner is diving in energetically to specific things you want to work on to release. For example, emotions, programming or other things that are stored in your mind/body that are causing issues. These sessions are by a zoom call.


You don’t go to the gym one time and get the body you want or eat that one good meal and get the dream body you want. It takes time as wellness is a life time commitment to help life issues with the body.

I do not heal, cure, treat or diagnose I work with your subconscious mind to remove things in your body. As your body can heal itself, but it needs to be in a state where it can heal.