Do you need Alphabiotics?
Do you need to take care of yourself?

These are some examples of the different kinds of stress.

Stress=Mental Health, Illness, Diseases, Pain and so much more
Chemical stress=food you eat, air you breathe, chemicals you clean with
Mental stress=depression, anxiety, suicidal
Physical stress=falling, being hit, pain, headache, weight gain/loss
Emotional stress=negative self talk or talking, people bringing you down or yourself
Complex stress=thoughts racing, holding onto things in the mind and body for years 

I was in counseling for 8 years and saw a chiropractor for a year. Nothing seemed to help my pain or mental health. Until I found out about Alphabiotics. I was told my neck and back pain was from stress. I thought they were crazy. I made my first and second appointment just to see what it could do for me. I got my first alignment and nothing compares to what Alphabiotics does for the human body. My pain was gone my thoughts were gone I felt like I was floating. To think that was just my first alignment.

Alphabiotics has been around for 100 years and it has changed my life and hundreds of thousands of other peoples lives. I had no idea what stress was truly doing to the human body. I kept getting alignments because the amazing feeling I felt. Every alignment releases a layer of stress and every month in alignment releases a year of stress in the body. I was 98 pounds and was trying so hard to gain weight, but the stress I had wouldn’t let me. After I stayed in balance I was able to gain 45 pounds and kept it on.

The benefits of Alphabiotics for me after stress relief:

* Depression
* Complex PTSD
* Anxiety
* Borderline Personality Disorder / Bi-polar
* Pain

Our bodies are a natural healer but if you have stress overtaking your body it’s hard do be able to do what the body is supposed to do. I felt brand new every time I got an alignment. I could see how this could change peoples lives, so I enrolled in “Alphabiotics” private academy in Dallas, Texas. As a single I didn’t have the money but really felt called to do this as I knew what it did for me and could do for so many other people in the world. I prayed and with God’s help I went through the academy and now I get to change other people lives just like mine was changed.

Most people don’t truly know what stress does to the human body. But if  you look up what stress does to the human body at least 90% of our diseases are caused by stress.
* Depression
* Suicide
* Anxiety
* Heart issues
* Pain
Do your research – google what stress does to the human body you can see it all for yourself.

Don’t treat the symptoms work with the human body and remove/release the stress you are storing.

I have so many people tell me this is the missing key to their issue in life or call me a miracle worker, but all I do is put your body back into its natural state from birth. I do not cure, treat, diagnose or treat symptoms. Your body is a natural healer as long as it’s in that balance state not carrying around stress from 5, 10, 15 years ago.

The nervous system is hardwired for survival and has 2 modes. The sympathetic-fight or flight mode is an unbalanced state (protection mode) and parasympathetic-rest & relaxation mode is a balanced state (repair mode). You can not be in both modes at the same time.

An Alphabiotics alignment sends a stimulus to the brain to let the brain know it is no longer under attack, which takes you out of fight mode and put you body back into relaxation/repair mode.

Alphabiotics is an applied philosophy, science, and art that concerns itself with life and Life energy enhancements.

Alphabiotics has to do with how life manifests itself in human beings. In a very Practical way, it’s about helping people express Life more fully.